Why are today’s cartoons different?

Why are today’s cartoons different? This question is often asked by cartoon fans, especially those who grew up with classics like Tom and Jerry, Snoopy and Snoopy, or Mickey Mouse and Pajama Duck. Are the cartoons of today worse or better than those of the past? Have they lost their charm and creativity? Have they adapted to the new generations and technologies?

First, we need to understand what distinguishes the cartoon from other art forms. A cartoon is a visual story created with drawings, colors, sounds and movements. A cartoon is a means of expressing imagination, humor, feelings, and messages. A cartoon is a medium that has its own history, traditions, styles and genres. The cartoon is an art that is constantly changing and evolving.

Today’s cartoons are different from those of the past because they are influenced by various factors, such as:

The audience: today’s audience is more diverse, educated and sophisticated than those of the past. It looks for cartoons that are relevant, current, entertaining, and educational. She wants cartoons that make her laugh, cry, inspire her, and teach her something new. She wants cartoons that show her different cultures, perspectives, and values. She wants cartoons that give her an experience, not just entertainment.

Technology: today’s technology is more advanced, available, and affordable than that of the past. It makes it possible to make cartoons more realistic, detailed, dynamic and interactive. It enables the use of various techniques such as 3D animation, computer graphics, motion capture, stop-motion, etc. It enables the distribution of animated movies across different platforms such as cinema, television, internet, mobile devices, etc.

The industry: today’s industry is more competitive, profitable and global than that of the past. It encourages cartoons to be innovative, high quality and commercial. It encourages cartoons to adapt to the market, trends and demand. It encourages cartoons to collaborate with other industries such as music, fashion, games, advertising, etc.

All this means that today’s cartoons have more opportunities, challenges and potential than those of the past. It does not mean that they are better or worse than those of the past. It means that they are different.

What do you think about today’s animated movies?

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